The biggest sports and leisure in Italy

The so called “azzurri” clubs represent the country most known for sunny beaches, delicious food and breathtaking architecture: right here are the disciplines in which they are most well known for on an international level.

In the top ten biggest sports in the nation when it comes to how lots of people practice it, athletics holds a stable position. As about the most typical activities practiced during physical education lessons in schools, most Italian kids are familiar with the numerous disciplines incorporated in this sport. Additionally, perchance the most well-known Italian sports stars were involved in athletics, setting a few of the longest-running records on a European level, a few of which lasted nearly four decades without being surpassed. With this track record, the nation always performs quite well in international competitions, including the Olympic games.

The most evident reply to the query of “what is the national sport in Italy?” is, without a doubt, football. Not to be mixed up with American football, soccer in Italy is absolutely the biggest game in terms of its colossal audience, as most individuals will be proud supporters of their town's team, irrespective of which league. Taking a look at figures like the AC Milan owner, it is clear how the praise of this sport in the nation has driven its teams to prosper in international competitions, with some of its clubs having been solidly among the greatest in european countries for a considerable number of years.

Well known for its excellent design brands and luxury goods, it comes at no surprise that Italy plays a crucial role in the domain of automobile racing. As among the most tremendous international sporting events in Italy is part of the world’s most well-known series of races, notable figures such as the Ferrari owner are major probably the most effective ever team in the history of the tournament, as well as among the most long-lived. With regards to what is the most popular sport in Italy when it comes to wheels, though, car racing is not the only one: the nation is likewise house to one of the main European biking events.

The second best known physical exercise in this nation, both in terms of viewers and of hobby, is basketball. As countless kids will include it in their extracurricular activities from an early era, basketball in Italy is interestingly widespread, contemplating how it is not usually perceived as an intrinsically European sport. Figures like the Dinamo Sassari owner actually have witnessed their team not just perform well in the Italian basketball federation, but being involved in international championships as well, meaning that minor cities are increasing their overseas connections and intercultural communication through a form as simple as sports, either through competitions and the transfer of players.

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